Unleash the
of your
care team
Streamline clinical workload and make every care interaction meaningful through real-time collaboration and automations.
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We equip your team with the tools to fight clinical productivity pitfalls
Chasing the Patient
Trying to get in contact with the patient to book a follow-up or confirm critical information
Uncoordinated Tasks
Struggling to manage time-sensitive tasks with a busy care team that has no spare time
Redundant Documentation
Spending most of your time filling in the same information into multiple forms and faxes
Repetitive Scanning
Always checking the EMR or fax inbox for that key piece of information that is holding up care
Healthcare Technology Built
for the 21st Century
Streamline clinical care pathways with RightPath Flow
Replace your post-it notes, word documents and spreadsheets with a single integrated platform
Bridge Relationships and
Break Down Silos Between
Passionate Providers
Harmonize Encounter
Data into Holistic
Healthcare Stories
Trace Patient Steps
Through Unique
Healthcare Journeys
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Supercharge Your ALC Strategy
with Better Transition Support
Improve cross-sector collaboration and address administrative burdens with our award winning integrated care platform. Easily manage large ALC workloads, coordinate resources, and deliver better care and support to patients and families.
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  • 29%
    Reduction in informal caregiver anxiety and stress
  • 39%
    Reduction in time for clinical documentation
  • 250%
    Increase in management resource capacity
Our Award Winning Solutions for
tough healthcare challenges
1st Place in HealthBound II Challenge
An innovation initiative led by the Biomedical Zone in partnership with Ryerson University St. Michael's Hospital to improve patient wait times in outpatient clinics.
Our solution leverages care virtualization to engage patients from the point of referral throughout their entire care journey. We are now implementing this solution in four outpatient clinics at St Michael's Hospital.
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1st Place in the MaRS Procurement
by Co-Design challenge
An innovation partnership between Verto Inc. Bayshore HealthCare and Kingston Health Sciences, working to streamline transition and management of ALC patients.
Our health informaticians have co-designed a highly scalable, digitally-enabled model of care through unprecedented access to diverse en-users, including patients, caregivers, transitional care managers, nurses, and patient flow specialists.
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Our Great Partners
At Verto, we believe that our partnerships drive the level of impact we can achieve. We actively pursue diverse and innovative partners to support us in creating the tools you need to deliver better care.
your patient flow and engagement.
Let our team of Health Informaticians streamline your clinical process, so you can focus on guiding your patients through their healthcare journey
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