A medical condition
shouldn't define
your life
So why does it seem like your schedule is held hostage by your next doctors appointment?
Redefining the patient experience
Healthcare is filled with clinicians that exude empathy and caring. But there's a big difference between treating a health condition and living with it. Improving the patient experience demands that organizations view how they perform from the perspective of a service user not a provider.
1. Provide Access & Understanding
Dumping health data into a web portal isn't good enough.
Use each person's health data for to drive personalized, rich, timely delivery of contextual education and resources. Provide patients and caregivers with the knowledge and information they need to thrive.
2. Facilitating Connections with the Care Team
We know clinician time is already stretched thin, so make every interaction matter.
Our platform connects the clinical team with the broader circle of care through a private group chat and personal engagements; our goal is to humanize interactions and make each connection meaningful.
3. Giving Control back to the Patient
Putting control into your hands doesn't need to take it away from your care team.
From providing online access to appointment rebookings to supporting a "smart" internet search for caregivers, we find ways to empower the patient while still leveraging the wisdom of your care team.
We are working to dispell myths
around improving patient care
MYTH - Improving Patient Engagement Means Increasing Operational Costs
A large portion of patient engagement activities are predictable and repetitive (e.g. reminding patients not to eat before surgery, sending out faxes, appointment reminders). RightPath Engage uses clinical data that already exists to drive automated, personalized engagement with each patient and their caregivers.
In fact, our customers have demonstrated that not only does operational load not go up, but RightPath Engage reduces the operational burden of administrative staff an average of 40%.
MYTH - Patient Experience doesn't affect my bottom line
"A superior customer experience doesn't just strengthen patient engagement - it also correlates to 50 percent higher hospital margins."
Accenture, 2015
As the concept of a patient moves away from dependency to more of a service model, patients are beginning to "shop" for the best service. Not only does improving patient experience increase perceived value for a patient, but it results in a more engaged patient population leading to reduction of revenue loss areas like no-shows and cancellations.
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