Quit Scanning Hundreds of Records and Chasing After Every Task
Make the data you already have unlock your ability drive patient flow through the clinic
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Right Person
Bridge Relationships and Break Down Silos
Between Passionate Providers
The circle of care is not only complex, it's also dynamic. The family, community, clinicians, and navigators are all important in delivering the best care for patients.
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Right Data
Harmonize Encounter Data into
Holistic Healthcare Stories
You shouldn't need data scientists to show you the big picture. The data you need to drive exceptional care is already in your system and can help you deliver exceptional care.
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Right Time
Trace Patient Steps Through Unique
Healthcare Journeys
Remove roadblocks that prevent end-to-end continuity in patient's healthcare journey. Give patients the quality care they deserve with our integrated pathway system.
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Elimintate Redundant Tasks
Do the work once, and let it work for you
Every healthcare hero is short on time. Our solution does the heavy-lifting on the menial work so you can spend less time on administration and documentation. We make it easy to deploy standardized pathways across all your care settings.
Measurable Outcomes
Understanding a patient journey is key to delivering the right time key moments significant to the journey
See how RightPath can connect every journey into a cohesive narrative. We use your existing processes to enable sophisticated evaluation. Unlock access to service utilization and productivity metrics. Calculate your ROI with ease.
Intelligent Flow
There's a lot of data, we filter through it and make sure the data you see is what is meaningful to provide care
It's simple: overburdened clinics and programs can't afford no-shows, appointment cancellations and delays. Our intelligent patient flow solutions boosts your clinic's patient throughput without additional resourcing.
Smart Alerts
We connect to other systems so you get the updates you need when they happen
Real-time insights are powered by our advanced analytics tools. The fully integrated dashboard improves our outcomes-oriented clients' ability to adapt. Start moving patients onto the right pathways to bridge high-priority care gaps. Achieve the goals of your network.
"RightPath Flow is saving a lot of time for the nurses. We can already see that managing progress notes in the application is saving each nurse an hour per shift."
your patient flow and engagement.
Let our team of Health Informaticians streamline your clinical process, so you can focus on guiding your patients through their healthcare journey
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