Quit Scanning
hundreds of records
and chasing after
every task
Use the data you already have to unlock seamless patient flow through your clinic
We equip your team with the tools to fight clinical productivity pitfalls
Chasing Patient Data
Patching together each patient's story and hoping you have the most recent health data
Uncoordinated Tasks
Constantly re-checking records to ensure no critical tasks are dropped for an ever-changing patient roster
Redundant Documentation
Spending time filling in the same information into multiple forms and faxes, over and over again
Complex Care Transitions
Managing complex handovers between care providers trying desperately not to drop something
RightPath is built on understanding Care Journeys and Relationships.
We use this knowledge to drive contextual alerts to the circle of care - so your clinicians can make the right decision, at the right time, with the right information.
Eliminate Redundant Tasks
Do the work once, and let it work for you
Every healthcare hero is short on time. Our solution does the heavy-lifting on the repetitive work so you can spend less time on administration and documentation. We make it easy to deploy standardized pathways across all your care settings.
Smart Alerts
We connect to other systems so you get the updates you need when they happen
We know your time is valuable, so we make sure only the important alerts make it to you. We listen to other systems and devices and pull out the information that is vital at each stage of the journey. The best part is, you choose how alerts get to you: text, e-mail, in-app, fax... you decide.
Intelligent Flow
Make sure your clinic is maximizing its care delivery potential
It's simple, you don't have time to be chasing each referral: clinics can't afford no-shows, appointment cancellations and delays. Our intelligent queue management boosts your clinic's patient throughput by automatically managing resources and appointments to their optimum capability.
Unparalleled Patient Insights
Capturing the data on the Diagnosis-to-Home journey offers visibility into the overall patient flow
Quit making important decisions about your services only using brief snapshots of the patient encounters. RightPath captures the full patient journey and allows your analytics team to create a cohesive narrative. Calculate your ROI with ease.
"RightPath Flow is saving a lot of time for the nurses. We can already see that managing progress notes in the application is saving each nurse an hour per shift."
your patient flow and engagement.
Let our team of Health Informaticians streamline your clinical process, so you can focus on guiding your patients through their healthcare journey
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